Bioinformatics databases for study Bioinformatics Study
1.Uniprot-Protein Database
2.PDB-Protein 3D Structure
3.CATH-Classification of protein domains
4.String-db-Protein Interaction Network
5.Prosite-Protein domains, families and functional sites
6.PIR-Protein Information Resources
8.HPRD-Human Protein Reference Database
9.InterPro-Protein Interaction
10.Pfam-Protein Family
12.DIP-Database of Interaction Protein
14.PRINTS-Protein Imprint
1.MitFish-Mitochondria in Fish
2.Mitos2-Mitochondria Server 2
3.RNAstructure-RNA Secondary Structure
6.DOGMA-Dual Organellar GenoMe Annotator
1.KEGG-Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes
2.GO-Gene Ontology
4.IMP-Integrated multiple predictive
5.PMN-Plant Metabolic Network
7.MetaNetx-Metabolic Network
8.IPPN-International Plant Phenotyping Network
11.ECMDB-E.Coli Metabolic DataBase
12.YMDB-Yeast Metabolite Database
1.mirbase-miRNA Database
2.Pfam-Protein Family
3.Rfam-RNA Family
5.rRNA-Ribosom RNA
6.circbase-circRNA Database
8.CSCD-Cancer Sociated

1.Databases and servers about biology and bioinformatics.

2.This website is designed to help biological researchers.

3.Quickly access various databases through website navigation.

4.This project is an open source and free project, and long-term updates for new entries and maintenance of the website.


Name: Benben Miao (benben-miao)

Base:Domain name purchase, database organization, code writing, post-maintenance and update.

Concept: Open source, long-term maintenance and update, committed to the progress and development of biological information.